The Best Types Of Movies To See At A Cinema Brewery

Considering how popular cinema breweries have gotten over the last decade or so, you’ve probably been keenly aware of the changes the movie watching experience has undergone. This isn’t the same old theater you remember, and it’s nice to know that the industry not only took the criticism, but they decided to make it the basis of their revitalization. Here’s the real struggle with the cinema brewery – what’s the best type of movie to actually watch when you are there?

Sure, on the surface, it seems as though it wouldn’t really matter at all. You look over the choices, pick one that looks interesting, and you take your seat. Done. Well, there’s actually a bit more nuance than that. Think for a second that your watching a movie in the same place where you’ll be having food and drink service taking place for you and a score of other people. Will this impact your movie-watching pleasure? Maybe it’ll enhance it. Who knows. The thing to remember is that there are more factors to consider before you hand over payment at the box office.

If you had to pick certain types of movies to see at a cinema brewery, it would probably breakdown a little something like this:

Comedy – Who doesn’t like to have a laugh, right? Comedies are those little gifts we give to ourselves when we’ve had a hard day at work or school. You really just need a release, but you’re avoiding getting into a fight or crying. There’s a reason why TV shows based on silly home movies have been around for decades – laughing makes the world make a little more sense.

Action – Sure, it is amazing that one magazine of ammunition can never run out over the course of a two-hour movie, but so what? Your eyes and ears are barely able to handle the amount of crazy going down on the screen.

Suspense – Here’s where things get a little tricky. This genre usually leans on strong plot details that weave together in an intricate web. The last thing you want to happen is to get a little distracted by activity in the theater. Don’t be alarmed. The staff are well-trained & do what they can to keep things running smoothly, but you may miss something.

Drama – Again, the nuance in the dramatic is what makes the genre so darn juicy! It’s why soap operas, water-cooler chatter, and high-school rumor mills are so addictive. You don’t want to miss something.

Horror – Perhaps the only movie genre greater than a great comedy is a good, old-fashioned scarefest! Feel chills go up and down your spine, you’re digging your nails into the armrest, and all of a sudden, your server is attending to you at your discretion but you’d forgotten about it. No judgement, but you may squeal like a little girl.

When all the cards are on the table, it might seem that comedies, action, and horror are the big winners. This isn’t to say you couldn’t watch whatever you wanted at a cinema brewery. Just remember that you’re watching a movie for entertainment. You’re there to have some fun, so why not save the high art for another time and get lost in the experience?

Rocky Horror Picture Show Bluray Review

The Rocky Horror Picture Show has always been something of a guilty pleasure dating back to my days as a teenager appearing in am-dram musical revues inspired by it because the performing rights were always strictly reserved for professional productions until March 2000.

The original stage show opened in London in the summer of 1973 at the Royal Court&39;s Theater Upstairs which ironically only seated 63 people as the subsequent 1975 film adaption has the record of the longest-running theatrical release in cinema history and now must have been seen by audiences of countless millions worldwide ensuring its on-going cult following.

Having watched the film religiously as a kid on worn out video tape and owning at least 3 versions of the soundtrack on vinyl by the time it came out on DVD marking its 25th Anniversary in 2001 I had turned 30 myself and now held it somewhat in contempt , a dirty little secret from my past that I was ashamed to have invested so much time in; Simon Pegg articulated my feelings exactly in the second episode of Spaced – "It&39;s boil-in-the-bag perversion for sexually repressed accountants and first-year drama students" and for the best part of a decade I have put it out of my mind .

However, my wife is an occasional Glee watcher and by chance I saw the recent Rocky Horror Show themed episode marking its 35th Anniversary and release on Blu-ray and I found my interest curiously reawakened enough to want see whether a hidef revamp would radically improve the notoriously low-budget, almost home movie quality of the film. I also wished to revisit it to gauge whether it really was morally unfit for the saccharine sweet and virginal members of glee club as the series producers would have you believe or whether this was merely an affectation in an attempt to preserve its &39;kinky kudos&39; for future generations of camp devotees.

I am happy to report that the 1080p MPEG-4 AVC encode is remarkable, bearing in mind the last time I saw Rocky Horror was on video; the thing that always strikes me most is the impact of the reds and Patricia Quinn&39;s now trademark lips in the opening credits have never looked so succulent. The DTS-HD 7.1 soundtrack does not fare quite so well, whilst it marvellously showcases the songs the dialogue in comparison seems thin and tinny but luckily there is also a Dolby Digital 2.0 mono track which I found to be preferable.

It&39;s worth noting the wealth of extras here, a fine commentary from writer / star Richard O&39;Brien (Riff Raff) and all of the featurettes from the 25th Anniversary DVD are included, but the stand out hidef exclusive is the Picture-in-Picture &39;shadowcast&39; who re-enact the entire show shot in glorious 1080p / 24 HDCAM with the option to toggle the inset to fill the screen; This is what the Glee episode should have been like instead of an insipid homage that seemed to miss the entire point of the original by replacing the more risqué lines from the songs with banal alternatives.

I hope the Glee version inspires new audiences to discover what it was about the Rocky Horror Picture Show that appealed to me as a teenager, it encapsulates both a sexual awakening and a loss of innocence and if nothing more encourages young, inquiring minds to think outside the box and embrace diversity, in short to live by the pithy end refrain "Don&39;t dream, Be it".

It also captures Tim Curry&39;s outstanding charismatic star turn as the gender bending alien Dr. Frank-N-Furter and benefits from the inclusion of Barry Bostwick and Susan Sarandon as the naïve All-American couple, Brad Majors and Janet Weiss. I suspect it&39;s yet another symptom of hitting 40 but having spurned it for so long I did feel a genuine warm glow of nostalgia whilst watching but not enough to make me want to get up and do the &39;Time Warp&39; again.

Can We Guess Which Movies Playing Near Me You’ll Love?

So, and you’ll think this is totally weird, but a few of our mutual friends & I have been talking about you, the kind of movies you like to watch, and the kind of movie outings that you find the most intriguing. We really want to ask you a question – can we guess which movies playing near me you’ll love?

Yes, that sounds a bit weird, but hear me out. Really, what we want to do is play a game where our friends and I huddle up for a bit & try to figure out which movies that are playing at the closest movie theater near me (since we’re here at my place) are ones that you’ll actually find awesome. Part of the reason is that we love you, and we really want the best for you. Every time you come to us with a new movie critique, we’re on the edge of our seats wondering if you actually liked it & whether it’s worth it for any of us to check it out. Also, and full disclosure, we’re hoping that if we can figure out which movies on this side of town you’d watch, maybe you’ll come over more often.

We admit that it is a weird way of asking you to come out and hang with us on a much more regular basis, but it’s our quirkiness that made our little motley crew such good friends in the first place, right? So, like I mentioned, we thought about it, and we think we’ve come up with some movie choices that you’re surely going to love.

Here they are, and of course, they are in no particular order:

Ready Player One – Virtual reality, society in chaos looking for order in a VR sim, a nostalgic journey through fandom culture by one of the greatest directors of all-time? I know you read, and loved, the book, so why not check out the movie?

Black Panther – So, we’ve seen this one a few times, and even though there are a number of socially relevant elements to this film, it’s also just a really fantastic movie that stands head and shoulders above many other superhero movies.

A Quiet Place – Scary movies are really great fun, even if they mess with your head. This one packs a real punch with the suspense, is already being seen as a modern classic, and nothing is better than a scary movie on the big screen.

Rampage – CGI, a muscle-bound hero main character, and a heartfelt story to go along with it? This movie has it all, and it’ll remind you of a certain old-school classic ape movie from the golden age of Hollywood.

As you can see, the movies playing near me really have a lot to offer a movie buff like yourself. There’s a little bit of everything for any kind of mood you’re in or genre that stands out more to you. Moreover, I’ve got this great dine-in movie theater just down the road that not only has first-run movies on a regular basis, but they actually serve you legit meals during the movies. Awesome, right? Now, get ready to have your mind blown because wait for it – they actually brew their own beer on the premises & have won major awards for its quality, plus they can serve it with your meal! Again, all of us could have just asked you to hang out more often, but now you have a totally amazing reason to make a night of it with all of us. So, what do you say?

Horror Movies That Feel Real

Anyone who enjoys watching horror films will agree that even within fans of the genre there are factions. There are people who enjoy the more graphic, bloody horror movies. Some are fans of Natural Horror, that is movies where nature turns against human beings and throws out super-natural creatures and plants to kill and eat us. Some insist that the movie must have a rock solid plot, some are hot for hauntings, and yet others are suckers for "Based on a True Story". Each fan club insists that their kind is the only kind that is worth watching, but producers and studios still continue to populate each sub-genre equally.

The scariest of all these sub-categories is, for obvious reasons, movies that feel real. Movies in which you cannot keep the filter of "It&39;s just a movie" on, and get totally immersed in the story. A lot of films have done justice to this genre.

The Blair Witch Project (1999) changed the game as far as horror movies went. It set many records at the time, including a Guinness World Record for Top Budget: Box Office Ratio-a sleeper hit if there was ever one. Shot over eight days, the film tells the story of three college kids who go into a forest to explore the legend of the Blair witch and are never heard of again. Only the footage, which is the film, is found. It doesn&39;t get more real than that! The makers worked really hard to make sure that the film felt authentic, keeping the actors in the dark about many things that were going to happen in the woods. This ensured that the reactions were genuine and that much more credible. It also ensured that a lot of people were scared of going near the forest for a long time!

The Japanese and Koreans know horror like nobody else. Some of the creepiest horror movies in Hollywood are re-makes of films in those languages. Most fans of the genre would have at least heard of A Tale of Two Sisters (a Korean film from 2003) and definitely watched The Ring (the Japanese version or the Hollywood one). This film is about a video that leads to the death of all who watch it within a week of viewing it. While the actual film has not been shot realistically, the story is told convincingly enough to make you really iffy about watching the video.

Paranormal Activity (2007) followed in the footsteps of these creepy but brilliant films, taking "found footage" horror to the next level. It is shot to look like CCTV footage of a suburban home, and of course, that enhances the illusion of reality. This film started a movement of sorts, with a multitude of sequels, and similar films being made in other languages, including Hindi (think Ragini MMS).

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