Life Lessons You Can Learn From Horror Movies

Whether it&39;s Halloween or not, you&39;ll find that there are some movies that stay with you long after you first watch them. It&39;s these iconic performances, stories, and creepy villains that haunt many people at night. Even though the movies are meant as entertainment, they can prove to be beneficial for a variety of reasons. Aside from scaring people, they can serve as educational tools, especially if you look past the initial violence and scary notions that are presented. In fact, you can learn several great life lessons from the majority of cinema that is meant to be quite creepy to say the least. The following are just some of the many things you can apply to life in general.

Be Vigilant at All Times – Perhaps the best piece of advice that you can have in life is to be vigilant at every step of your day. Do not relax too much, because it&39;s when you&39;re too relaxed that you miss some obvious things. Whether you are driving and tired, or you are walking down the street and forget to look both ways, calamity can strike if you aren&39;t paying attention. Many of the characters in the horror franchises that are popular play their lives aloof, and tempt fate before meeting their end. Always be alert, and aware of your surroundings, it&39;s a good trait to acquire.

Call For Help Immediately – Ever wonder why the main characters don&39;t just call the police? Many movies have played with this notion, having the main character run up stairs away from harm, or rather into the trap of a mad man. Call for help immediately, don&39;t wait, and if you find the phone is not working, run far away from the incident and seek assistance. Don&39;t stop at one place, keep searching until you have reached safety. This goes for any emergency, not just one that is of a nightmarish world.

Stay Calm in Crisis – When crisis hits, the best thing you can learn from horror movies is to do the opposite of what the characters do, stay calm. Do not panic, it helps no one to get into a frenzy. It&39;s when chaos reigns that you make a lot of mistakes, so do not allow fear or anxiety to settle in.

The preceding lessons are just some of the things you can learn from the many horror movies out there. They might sound rudimentary, but you&39;d be surprised how many ignore simple traits from entertainment. Then again, they are just that, entertaining pictures.

Free Classic Movies: Blood on the Sun, So's Your Aunt Emma and Lonely Wives

[NB: All of the following movies are public domain movies – available online and free to watch.]

Blood on the Sun (1945)

Nick Condon (James Cagney) is a reporter in Tokyo who has already been critical of the Japanese war propaganda. He comes into possession of the "Tanaka Document", a Hitler-type blueprint for evil. But he cannot expose its contents unless he gets out of Japan safely. Iris Hilliard (played by Sylvia Sidney), a mysterious part-Chinese woman, provides Mr. Condon with intrigue and romance. She also ostensibly assists the authorities in their investigation. She serves as both an ally and a love interest for Condon. The movie is full of action, intrigue and colorful cultural demonstrations.

Main casts are James Cagney, John Emery, Porter Hall, Robert Armstrong and Sylvia Sidney. The filming locations include Hollywood, Los Angeles, California, USA. This film is also known as "Sangre sobre el sol".

More Info:

Director: Frank Lloyd

Country: USA

Total Runtime: 1 hr 38 min

So&39;s Your Aunt Emma! (1942)

Emma, ​​a pretty nice spinster lady, lives with her conservative and stern sisters. Emma goes to the city to meet her ex-boyfriend&39;s son who is a boxer. Emma goes through a series of strange events in the city. At some point, the police think that she is Ma Parker and mistakenly accuse her of murder! The young boxer is kidnapped laterently. Emma decides not to run from this mistaken identity because she wants to find the kidnapped boxer.

Main casts of the film – Douglas Fowley, Gwen Kenyon, Roger Pryor, Warren Hymer and Zasu Pitts. This film is also known as "Aunt Emma Paints the Town".

More Info:

Director: Jean Yarbrough

Country: USA

Total Runtime: 1 hr 2 min

Lonely Wives (1931)

Edward Everett Horton acts his two roles beautifully-both as a vaudeville impersonator called Felix and a womanizer, stuff-shirted lawyer called Richard. Felix is ​​eager to add Richard to his list of people he impersonates. Richard says he would get permission only if he can fool Richard&39;s mother-in-law. At the same time Richard goes to meet Diane O&39;Dare about getting a divorce from her husband. Richard isn&39;t aware of the fact that Felix is ​​Diane&39;s husband. On the other hand Richard&39;s wife Madeline comes home from a vacation early and spends the night with Felix (disguised as Richard).

Main casts of the movie include Edward Everett Horton, Esther Ralston, Patsy Ruth Miller, Spencer Charters and Laura La Plante.

More Info:

Director: Russell Mack

Country: USA

Total Runtime: 1 hr 25 min

Five New Movie Releases To See This Summer

If you are a major movie buff, there are few things in life that get you pumped than finding out what new movie releases are coming up. While great new movies can be see throughout the entire year, you know you are stoked because it’s summer, and that can only mean one thing – summer blockbuster!

There are, no doubt, many reasons why certain movies are released at certain times. Moreover, summer seems to be always filled with movies that really bring the fun, the entertainment, and the overall bang for your buck. It makes sense, too. Young kids and teenagers are all on summer vacation, which means that there is a need to fill time during the day and evening. There is also a higher incidence of date nights at this time of year, which means couples are chomping at the bit to have fun at the movies.

So, whether you are just a big fan of watching movies or maybe you’ve decided that this is the summer to craft your movie buff alter ego, this summer looks to be absolutely brimming with top-notch cinematic offerings.

Here are five new movie releases you definitely need to see this summer:

Ocean’s 8 – An all-female and diverse ensemble cast takes on the Hollywood heist movie in a way that seems to say, “Move over, boys. We’ve got this.”

Tag – Based on a true story of childhood friends that decided to take their love of a game of tag to new levels & turn it into a truly epic adventure. At the heart of it all is their love for each other.

Solo: A Star Wars Story – Haven’t you ever wanted to know how Han met Chewie or how the MIllenium Falcon came into the picture? Also, how did the two coolest cats in the galaxy (Han & Lando) get to know each other?

Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom – After the destruction of the Jurassic World theme park, a mission to save some of the remaining dinosaurs from a natural disaster proves to be only the tip of the iceberg.

Deadpool 2 – The first installment was a pretty interesting breath of fresh air in the superhero genre of films. This sequel aims to blow the doors off of its predecessor. Just checking out the addition of a random guy named Peter into the X-Force (interviews wearing a Member’s Only jacket & khakis) is worth it.

New movie releases aside, maybe it’s time you just decided to put the world away for a couple of hours while you enjoyed a good movie. We live in such a hectic society that puts pressure on everyone to work until they can barely function. Doesn’t it seem a little more worthwhile to take your sweetheart out for a nice date night or maybe get the kids together for a kids’ choice movie night? This summer’s movies might just be what you’ve needed.

Free Classic Movies: Beast of Yucca Flats, Dishonored Lady and Special Agent K-7

[NB: All of the following movies are public domain movies – available online and free to watch.]

Beast of Yucca Flats (1961)

Some government agents chase a Russian scientist into the Yucca Flats atomic test ground. Gun battle ensues resulting in an enormous nuclear blast. The scientist then turns into the Beast of Yucca Flats when he is exposed to too much radioactivity. The beast poses a great threat as it begins to kill people randomly.

Main casts are Barbara Francis, Bing Stafford, Douglas Mellor, Larry Aten and Linda Bielema. The filming locations include Santa Clarita, California, USA. This film is also known as "Girl Madness".

More Info:

Director: Coleman Francis

Country: USA

Total Runtime: 54 min

Dishonored Lady (1947)

Madeleine Damien is a beautiful self-absorbed art editor. She is an interesting and complex character, behaving like she&39;d like to die. Her unpleasant past life always haunts her. So Madeleine moves from high-paid Manhattan magazine editor to struggling Greenwich Village artist and leaves folks who are near to him. After some time she meets a nice guy named David S. Cousins ​​which for all intents and purposes is quite significant because they fall in love with each other soon afterwards. However, she doesn&39;t want to tell him about her past though her psychiatrist advises to do so. Eventually this comes between them as David becomes more suspicious about his girlfriend&39;s secrets. The film is a bit slow. But if you are patient, you will find that the movie has a very interesting plot indeed.

Main casts of the film – Dennis OKeefe, Hedy Lamarr, John Loder, Morris Carnovsky and William Lundigan. This film is also known as "Sins of Madeleine".

More Info:

Director: Robert Stevenson

Country: USA

Total Runtime: 1 hr 25 min

Special Agent K-7 (1936)

Defense lawyer, Irving Pichel, bribes a juror in order to influence a murder trial. Later the juror is killed. Soon afterwards a night club owner is murdered by a young man, or so they essentially thought. FBI agent, Walter McGrail, is asked to stop these organized crimes. McGrail goes undercover, poses as chemical businessman and tries to solve the murder mystery. Can McGrail succeed in this endeavor? Watch the film to find out more about the special agent!

Main casts of the movie include Donald Reed, Irving Pichel, Queenie Smith, Walter McGrail and Willy Castello.

More Info:

Director: Bernard B. Ray

Country: USA

Total Runtime: 1 hr 11 min

North by Northwest Bluray Review

After his intensely personal psychological thriller Vertigo received mixed reviews due to its length and obsessive attention to detail Hitchcock set out to follow it with a fast paced, action packed, stylish, comic, chase picture to end all chase pictures. Screenwriter Ernest Lehman wonderfully parodies and trumps all of Hitch&39;s previous films of the 1950s making North by Northwest the quintessential ironic comedy thriller.

The success of the film is largely due to the effortlessly charming and hilarious star performance by Cary Grant as the hapless Madison Avenue advertising executive Roger Thornhill, a bachelor approaching middle age and stuck in a rut, juggling a routine job between lunch dates with his doting mother and the worry of gaining a few extra pounds each year, he is cruising through life unencumbered by real responsibility or commitment; that is until he is mistaken for a government agent by a gang of foreign spies headed by the suavely sinister phillip vandamm played by james mason.

What ensues is the prototype Hollywood action comedy in which we see the reluctant hero Thornhill&39;s comfortable life turned upside down as he is chased across America. Cary Grant plays the part with such utter bemusement that you empathise totally with his predicament, however he is also able to subtly send up his own on-screen persona which heightens the comedy. The scene where the bad guys force him to drink a whole bottle of whiskey and then put him behind the wheel of a car is a case in point, as is Thornhill&39;s attempt to sober up and try to explain what&39;s going on to the police.

Eva Marie Saint provides the love interest as Eve Kendall, an undercover agent who appears to be Vandamm&39;s lover but seduces Thornhill on a train bound for Chicago in a scene packed with double entendre and repressed sexuality. Eve&39;s true allegiances help to propel the narrative as we realise that Thornhill has fallen in love with her and finally found someone to commit to and take responsibility for but then inadvertently blows her cover to Vandamm and puts her in jeopardy setting up the final chase across Mount Rushmore and specifically President Lincoln&39;s nose, a set piece Hitchcock had been dying to film for many years.

North by Northwest looks incredibly good for its 50 years on Blu-ray sporting a pristine full 1080p / VC-1 encoded vibrant picture and a Dolby TrueHD 5.1 soundtrack which, surprisingly for a film of its age, are demo quality especially in the iconic Crop Duster sequence. The movie&39;s appeal will long endure because of the universal themes of mistaken identity, innocence overcoming evil and love prevailing in the face of adversity, delivered with plenty of good humor and genuine wit; it may not be Hitchcock&39;s most complex thriller but it&39;s certainly one of his most entertaining.